SUMALIM S.L., a company engaged to the manufacture of playground equipment and urban furniture, located at Carretera Urroz, Km1, Tiebas, Navarra, Spain, with more than 25 years’ experience, which operates mainly in the Spanish and European markets. To do this it counts with a sales network which covers all the national territory and a net of European distributors, with the aiming target to the communities, local councils, building company developers, schools and sports centers.

Sumalim facilities cover a total surface area of 8.000 m2 from which 4.000 m2 is productive space. Relying with a hall of 1.600 m2 dedicated to cutting and machining where the manufacturing process begins of the elements that compound the modular system of the playground equipment. Having at his disposal all type of technical machinery needed for the proper handling and execution of them. In this same hall is located the painting booth and a broad area for the natural wood drying.
Attached to this there is another hall of 2.000 m2 where the assembling of all the elements happened manufactured by our company, realizing a final check of verification prior of his final packaging and expedition. Once finalised this process, the material remains stored for the later shipping.
The rest are offices and product exposition

As a benchmark company in his sector, the company is committed to keys as:

  • – Product design and innovation, through the development of projects of R&D&I
  • – Quality of the products through European certifications and specialized machinery
  • – Fun and entertainment, the main function of all the company’s equipment
  • – Respect for the environment in its manufacturing processes
  • – Experience and professionalism in the market and in dealings with customers

In this way, more than a hundred play elements have been designed by Sumalim with the TÜV certification of the European standard EN-1176 (playground safety and quality certification). The production process is certified with the TÜV GS certification, issued by the company TÜV SÜD, based in Munich (Germany). The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design, marketing, manufacture and assembly of playground equipment and urban furniture. It also counts with the ISO 14001:2009 certification, which certifies the compliance with environmental management standards.
The latest certificate awarded is the PEFC. The PEFC certification guarantees a complete verification of the flow of wood throughout the production process, taking into account all the links in the product chain (chain of custody), from the certified forest supply location to the lumbering and wood processing companies to the finished product.

Design and Innovation

Design and innovation Our aim is to have fun, create communication, generate and stimulate learning and cooperation abilities between the children. A playground equipment is not only a game; it is a way to learn for our children, and it should offer them challenges to develop their skills and abilities. It promotes the intellectual, emotional, physical, social and language development of the kids. This is why in SUMALIM we have the responsibility of designing games that contribute to the fun and to development of the skills for any age of the kids without forgetting their safety and the lasting of the materials.

Quality The materials used are tested with ageing and corrosion tests…. for ensure that they will last for a long time and a minimum maintenance. The quality can be seen not only in the materials but also in the manufacturing and assembling of the different elements providing a finish product of a great quality.

Research and development (R+D+I) Sumalim is in continuous evolution through design projects that develop new concepts and new lines of ideas adapting to the most cutting-edge designs, investing in new technologies and materials and making it able to give other look and enjoyment to the children playgrounds.

Experience and professionalism with more than 25 years of experience, Sumalim rely on a great experience in the world of the playgrounds and urban furniture. Lots of projects and mountings projects undertaken contribute to the company to own a specialized knowledge about the sector, in addition to a wide experience of planning new designs according to new environments.

Certifications The safety is nowadays a very important factor, for this reason we offer completely safe products certified by the European regulations TÜV EN-1176 y TÜV GS, responsible for the safety regulations of the children’s play. Sumalim is also certified with the ISO 9001 responsible for the quality management. The environment is also a particular concern of Sumalim, this is why we also have been certified with the ISO 14001 responsible for the environmental management and on the PEFC that guarantees the chain of custody of the forest based products.

Business network and associations We have a wide net of national distribution network with various distributors across all Spain and abroad (England, France, Portugal…..) Sumalim belongs to AFAMOUR , an enterpriser organization representing the interests of the manufacturer of urban furniture and playground equipment at a national level.